PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE BREAKING CHANGES BETWEEN THE OLD VERSION AND THIS you WILL need to recreate your mappings, This should not be an ongoing issue.

New Features

  • Added feedback for the following actions (Credit: @dtg01100):
    • Start Streaming
    • Stop Streaming
    • Toggle Start / Stop Streaming
    • Start Recording
    • Stop Recording
    • Toggle Start / Stop Recording

Config System Updates

  • The config file subsystem has had a major rewrite
  • No longer are we using the profile config ini file
  • All config files are now json files
  • Config file location is now under the {obs config dir}/plugin_config/obs-midi directory
  • Config file names now use the following standard obs-midi_{Profile Name}_{Scene Collection Name}.json
  • Config files now use obs_data_save_json_safe function
  • Saves the data to a file as JSON text, and if overwriting an old file, backs up that old file to help prevent potential file corruption.

Other BugFixes

  • OBS Midi now has limited support for switching scene collections and profiles.
  • The Majority of memory leaks have been cleaned up.
  • Crashes on Toggle Mute have been resolved

New videos will be out soon.

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